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Celebrating Eid al-Fitr and Supporting Our Partners

Celebrating Eid al-Fitr and Supporting Our Partners As Muslims around the world celebrated the joyous festival of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Biscayne Hospitality took the opportunity to extend its support and appreciation to its valued factory partners in Indonesia, which is 87% Muslim. Eid al-Fitr is an important […]

Interviews from Indonesia: Ardian Putra

Despite the state of the world right now, we would like to continue our blog series highlighting the amazing culture in Indonesia and the work that our team accomplishes there. Our overseas team truly is the foundation of our business. This month, we had the pleasure to talk with Ardian Putra. Ardian is our Lead Production […]

Preparing for an Install The Correct Way

Creating custom furniture involves a cascading series of actions, each tied to the action that came before it, like a climbing rope with helpful knots placed at even intervals. After the sales team has made its calculations, the design, production, and logistics departments rise into place, one by one, as focus moves along the process. […]

Revisiting the Hotel Atwater

In 1919, William Wrigley Jr. (yep, of Wrigley Gum and Chicago Cubs fame) fell in love with Catalina Island off Los Angeles. He was so taken with the beautiful island that he bought it and immediately made improvements to the public utilities, added steamships, expanded the greenery, and built Hotel Atwater, which opened its doors in […]

Recent Promotions

At Biscayne Hospitality, we pride ourselves on the incredible team we have built. From San Diego to Boston to London to Semrang, Indonesia. Each of our global colleagues prioritize our clients, ensuring that we continue to produce stellar quality and great service. Please join us in congratulating four of our team members for their efforts […]

The Biscayne Hospitality Difference

Happy New Year! As many of you know, our company founders set out to build a business not just on quality products, but also on exceptional customer service. For over 15 years, our team has consistently evolved to ensure that our processes meet that goal. A couple examples of this evolution are below: We have […]

A Job Well Done

At Biscayne Hospitality, we prioritize service to our partners. This element of our business is how we differentiate ourselves over other furniture manufacturing providers. We start this week with a beautiful testimonial from a longtime partner regarding a recent installation. We can’t wait to show you more details of the front desk and chairs that […]

Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, those of us at Biscayne Hospitality are proud to reflect on our commitment to supporting the communities around us. Through our partnership with Plan USA, we have provided scholarships for 250 students in Indonesia to attend school. We have donated over 10,000 pounds of rice to the families who work in our […]

Workplace Motivation

Have you stopped to think about why you come to work? To pay for travel or other hobbies. To pay the bills. Because you’re making a difference in your community/ city/ world. A sense of accomplishment. The community. While the above responses may get you out of bed and into the office, what motivates you […]

The Bench, Part II

Welcome back! Here is the second, and final, part of The Bench story… Fast forward five years… Nasif calls me and said “I have the perfect woman for you!” He must know me pretty well because his introduction has lasted 21 years (and counting). We have a running joke that I helped him get a […]