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a service mindset

Our Philosophy

At Biscayne, we operate as one team, seamlessly working with the purchasing agent, designer, and operator, to ensure that we can provide exceptional service and top quality products for every project we undertake. Our guiding principle is “Does this earn, build, or maintain our client’s trust?” and that thought is at the core of everything we do.

Our Mission

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do at Biscayne. Our people and processes have one purpose: to ensure an anxiety-free and seamless project experience. For this reason, we’ve invested in more operations personnel than in sales staff to ensure that we have sufficient operational support to manage all details of every project we take on. That is also why we employ our own account management team, who are intimately aware of Biscayne’s processes and procedures, and are also on-point throughout the implementation of the project to bring their knowledge and ensure success.

Our guiding principles

Each of our team members and every process we utilize has one purpose, to earn, build, and maintain trust with our clients.

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giving back

The Biscayne Foundation

As a way of giving back, Biscayne Hospitality provides educational support for children in underdeveloped countries. Over the past five years, over 500 children have received scholarships that effectively cover that child’s education expenses for the year.