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This Giving Tuesday, those of us at Biscayne Hospitality are proud to reflect on our commitment to supporting the communities around us.

Through our partnership with Plan USA, we have provided scholarships for 250 students in Indonesia to attend school. We have donated over 10,000 pounds of rice to the families who work in our factories. We support an entrepreneurship program for young adults looking to start their own businesses.

In the San Diego area, we are committed to continuing our support for local organizations, such as Junior Achievement, promoting workforce readiness and independence.

As we look to a new year, we are excited about the partnerships we are building in the San Diego community. As you may have seen via our social media, we are working with Habitat for Humanity not just in San Diego, but across the nation to help provide furniture for the families who are fortunate enough to move into a Habitat home. We are also working with local organizations to develop programs to tackle the homeless issue. We will be coordinating with hotels to take their old furniture and donate those pieces to homeless shelters in the area.

We believe that our business success is everyone’s success. We look forward to sharing the wealth with our team, our factories, our partners and our community.