Our Process

Biscayne has designed and developed processes to ensure that our product/service lifecycle provides clients with the best customer service and support while delivering a high quality product. Our team strives to take uncertainty and anxiety out of each project by working closely and collaboratively with our clients throughout every phase of the product development and manufacturing. We always put our clients and their needs at the center of everything we do. Our multi-disciplinary team will manage every aspect of the project, and constantly keep our client appraised of status until program completion.

Project Proposal and Bidding

Our Sales Team works closely with clients to understand their needs on every project. Our bidding and manufacturing teams are then brought in to determine what the best manufacturing solution is for the client given their budget, schedule, and any unique requirements. Once we have reached agreement with the client on the best approach for meeting their requirements within their budget and schedule, we move to the project planning and organization phase.

Project Planning and Design

CAD Generation
We employ a very collaborative approach with the client’s design team to ensure that our clients get the best value. Designs initially come from client design team, but we offer suggestions and modifications as needed to improve the manufacturability, stability, and durability of the product, while still meeting the original design intent.

Finishes and Materials
We work closely with the client’s design team to properly select and match all finish and materials specifications. We often offer suggestions on equivalent materials that can be locally sourced and can reduce costs and lead-time for the project.


With the client’s approval, prototyping is done at the factory and then the item is reviewed by our production QC team and the factory to make sure all the client’s requirements are met. Sometimes, while the items are being manufactured, we discover that certain modifications would make the items easier to produce and/or more robust. We quickly present these options to the client and get approval for the modifications. Samples are then shipped and a thorough review is conducted with our manufacturing team and the client. Any requested modifications are discussed, and a modification list is completed. CADS, materials, and finishes are then quickly updated to incorporate all modifications, and upon approval, mass production will commence.


Upon commencement of manufacturing, the Biscayne production team will constantly monitor the factory to make sure that all the specs, materials specified and quality are maintained. We also coordinate with the client and the factory for delivery of all unique hardware components and fabric to maintain the production flow plan. The production team will visit the factory for final inspection and ensure all TQC checks were performed prior to the packaging and shipment of the order.


Our logistics team works closely with the factory and our client to coordinate the shipment and delivery of the order, insuring that all items are delivered as scheduled. Our logistics team will also ensure the seamless delivery of all items even if they are coming from multiple factories. If the client specified a specific deployment matrix, the logistics team will work with the manufacturing team to ensure that shipped boxes are properly marked for quick and easy installation by the client.

Delivery / Installation

Installation instructions and templates will be provided to the client’s installation team to ensure accurate and trouble free installation. If client has specified that Biscayne is to provide installation support, then our support team will schedule our technician to be on-site as per the client’s instructions.

Post Installation Service & Support

Our team will follow up with the client after deployment via phone call or site visit to gather feedback, and provide assistance and support as necessary. Our support team will also coordinate the resolution of any punch list that is generated during the installation process and Biscayne will provide any necessary touch up and/or repairs. A post installation quality review is conducted with the factory to address any quality escapes and modify production processes as needed to eliminate defects.


We are committed to providing exceptional service, exceeding expectations, and delivering top quality products on schedule and within budget.